My Sacred Formula for World Transmutation:

Love, the Alchemical Key, Conquers All

by Saint Germain


 My sacred formula for world transmutation begins with love, it ends with love, and within its very center is the flame of eternal love. Therefore you must begin every experiment that you desire to be successful on your knees before God, in love with your Presence, whereby you submit all to that eternal science of the spirit through which there is the ennoblement of the soul through integrity, through that which you offer in service.

It is only when there is the supreme understanding of your Source that each and every avenue will be open for you and the success of your alchemy may manifest. Truly, the grace of God is in the eye of the beholder who sees clearly that which may manifest through a heart apprised of this formula and beating in unison with the Creator.

Would you be co-creators with me? I ask. If you so choose, it will mean that from this day forward your every thought, your every emotion, your every movement will be seen as one that is in unison with the holy purposes of God; and that which you emanate—if you would be gods—will be clear and true and sure of its effects upon life, of its cause, and of all that flows through the model that you represent as the one through whom the science of being occurs.

Saint Germain