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The Alchemy of Movement

The Alchemy of Movement

David Christopher Lewis

August 5, 2015


            Children are great movers and shakers—they love to move and they love to shake things up—and thus they are often great alchemists! Movement is one way in which all sentient beings prove that they are alive. Movement is typically rhythmic and cyclic, with specific form to the pulsations within the rhythms and cycles that are inspired by divine intelligence through the blueprint of each creature’s inner being, in synchronicity with cosmic pulsations.


            In my youth I was always on the go—running, riding my bike, chasing kids, and keeping active. I also reluctantly assented to my two older sisters’ pleas to help them jump rope: three kids are required and often another neighborhood girl was nowhere to be found. Although initially teased by other neighborhood boys for playing girlie games, when I developed certain skills and agility that helped while playing basketball, well, those teasings abated! Yes, I got rhythm and I got game because of my sisters! By the way, rhythm helps in dancing, too.


            Movement is everywhere—in sport, dance and flight, and also in the more subtle things of the spirt—in auric emanations, meditative visualization, and even higher Buddhic mindfulness which I often refer to as divine thought. Higher alchemy allows us to utilize the movement of our creativity to coalesce energies into any desired result, whether a virtue or spiritual essence that we are emanating to the universe or something manifest in form that will augment our work.


            True initiates and higher alchemists master harmonious movement. Jarring, disjointed and anarchistic movements are debilitating because they lack flow and are dissonant to the natural humming of our inner being. Flow is a key to serenity, and peace and equipoise are required for the flowering of our greatest spiritual gifts. Whenever Jesus said, “Peace be with you”, I believe he was transferring light through his mastery of the ability to access this resource of grace through tens of thousands of hours of meditation, prayer and simply “practicing the Presence.”


            I love the ritual and discipline of engaging in numerous forms of movement—the Five Tibetan Rites, yoga, safe solar gazing with pranic breathing, swimming, biking, walking/hiking and especially singing, chanting and decreeing with rhythm. Feeling the inner pulsations of our blood flowing through our cardiovascular system as well as the chi flowing through our nervous system (meridians and chakras) allows us to know the movement of life’s currents (the essences of the Holy Spirit) through us and also within the entire cosmos.


            Becoming as little children again through sacred movement, we find our way home to the center of beingness where all is still, yet also in constant flux (flow), all is in perfect balance and yet changing and evolving through divine love. Our Hearts Center organization is a movement because we choose to live in the grace of transformative alchemy (love) rather than the statis of dead (disempowered or non-energetic) ritual. As the famous Star Trek Captain Picard says, engage! You will move and go where no one has gone before!



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