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Meditation as a Key Component of Alchemy

Meditation as a Key Component of Alchemy

David Christopher Lewis

August 1, 2015


            Meditating upon the Divine One keys us into an openness and sacred space which allows for a field of inspiration to manifest around and through us. As we resonate within this field, we access higher creativity where our own spiritual muses can work directly with us through a more refined mind, trued to the universal Mind of God.


            My early morning meditation, prayer and song session before and during the sunrise has been vital to the ongoing process of my Self-discovery and inner creativity for over 40 years.


         Focusing upon the immaculate heart of Mary intently for about a half-hour each day as I pray has brought me such joy that I often feel my spirit aloft with the angels in contemplation upon Mary’s ongoing work as an intercessor and spiritual mediator for millions.


            Precipitating our highest desires requires focus and concentration. Every sincere meditator reaches higher and higher levels of beingness and an ability to sustain the state of inner peace and oneness that is essential in completing experiments in the use of divine light, grace and beauty. Often in meditation insights into unresolved problems or issues that were placed on the back burner magically arise to help us deal with them with greater ease.


            I consider all the music that I have composed to have been inspired upon me from above as a result of this simple state of grace that I maintained because of my daily devotions and quiet time with God and his angel-emissaries. My meditation in a sense continued on throughout the day in greater moments of spiritual connectedness, where I was able to feel the light of my Divine Presence coursing through my body temple to accomplish my goals more swiftly.


            Meditation is an ongoing spiritual practice that will never become boring or static so long as our hearts are engaged in offering our beings in service to life, truth, wisdom and peace. The peaceable state reached in meditation facilitates the mixture of the exact divine energies and components within the crucible of change upon our inner altar to transmute them into a more refined offering. In this process we are transformed and then naturally desire to maintain our equipoise. Peace through stillness facilitates the sharing of love and all the virtues of heaven.


            Meditation, like alchemy, is both a science and an art. Once the basic formulas are mastered, the artistic aspects of both sciences begin to play upon our hearts and raise us into a more refined state of creativity, even a master mind/heart alliance with divine worlds. Use meditation as a part of your sacred alchemies and see how it works for you!




  • Dee
    Thank you David for these keys of insight into the art and science of meditation and alchemy; which are both somewhat illusory for me right now. I will continue to practice with the tools you have offered so graciously.
    8/18/2015 4:32:39 AM Reply

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