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The Alchemy of Love

The Alchemy of Love

David Christopher Lewis

July 29, 2015


            By God’s grace I’ve composed 68 songs and recorded 100 during the last 18 years (27 were recorded both with and without lyrics and singing; I borrowed 5 from other composers and wrote new words to fit my desired effect.) Although much of my music is focused on angels and other divine beings, the beauty of nature, children, and the heart, my favorite song is a duet titled, Alchemy of Love. Here are the lyrics:


When you’re here beside me and your face is glowing,

All else seems illusion; space and time stop flowing.

All eternity is captured in the Now that is your smile.


When we walk together and I hear your breathing,

Every moment’s heightened in this sacred feeling.

Perfect alchemy of wonder in the beauty of your form.

All eternity is captured in the Now that is...

Within the Now that is your smile... Smile of love.


Can our souls be woven in a mystic union

And our hearts be bonded in this sweet communion?

Pure geometry of vision in the radiance of your eyes

Perfect alchemy of wonder in the beauty of your form,

Form of love.


Can you feel this fire, this gift from above

Binds our souls together forever in love?


I have always seen you as a crystal rainbow.

I have always loved you. Now I feel my heart grow.

Sacred energies unbounded are released to us this day.

Sacred energies unbounded are released to us...

Released to us, released to us this day... Day of love.


            I sang this song with a woman who has a beautiful soprano voice (our duet is on my CD) at the wedding of a sweet co-worker in 2004. And then, four years later my best friend and the mother of my bride-to-be sang the song at our wedding, just seven alchemical months after we met on Groundhog’s Day. To me this song shares the essence of what a true, loving, spiritual partnership is all about. We choose to see the highest in our beloved spouse and that pure vision helps maintain an alchemical state of grace to sustain our marriage and spiritual work together.


            I feel that the music of divine love is the alchemical miracle that angel choirs enjoy sharing throughout the cosmos! Please share your alchemical co-creative miracles today!




  • What beautiful sentiments you have put to music. I have not been blessed to have a partner in this life, yet I imagine these words are ringing true for the Beloved that God has created for me in heaven.
    8/3/2015 3:57:12 AM Reply

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