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The Joys of Alchemical Miracles

The Joys of Alchemical Miracles

David Christopher Lewis

July 27, 2015


Alchemy is a divine science, yet it often manifests in very practical occurrences in our daily lives. For this is where the gifts of spirit become realized in materiality in our everyday, working world. If alchemy were a philosophy or a quasi-religion, it would be relegated only to the stuff of dreams and visions, yet Saint Germain encourages us to make it a part of our daily lives. We may invest our hearts and minds in our interactions with families, friends and co-workers in what is seemingly mundane, yet in reality may become very meaningful.


One thing we enjoy doing in The Hearts Center is celebrating our victories. Our paid and volunteer staff meet twice a week via teleconference to review our collaborative work, adjust priorities, and set up meetings to insure the success of the important projects and initiatives that we are working on within our various teams. Each staff member is encouraged to share his/her recent victories, and these often include wonderful things that have happened at home during time off—in the garden, on nature hikes, during family outings, etc.


Recently I had prayed to the Blessed Mother Mary for ways to reach out to our Hispanic community and to accelerate our ability to provide translations of our books and courses for them. On a recent family vacation to New York my wife and children visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  I bought a number of beautiful 1-ounce golden-colored coins with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on one side and the cathedral on the other. I decided to send coins to three heartfriends of Mexican descent as I know that the Virgin is special to most Mexicans.


Shortly after my return from New York one of these friends I was about to send a coin to contacted me out of the blue and after a heartfelt conversation on a number of things she offered to do translations for us, free of charge. I was delighted and realized that this was the outpicturing of divine alchemy—even a miracle of sorts. God always answers prayers, though the answer may not always come as we thought or intended it would.


A key to higher alchemy is to energize our desires with our highest loving intent and then to release them, knowing that God in his/her infinite wisdom will reply in the most efficient and effective way, taking into account both cosmic law and divine love and mercy in one amazing, divine package wrapped in pink and violet bows of joy and infinite happiness!


Expecting your alchemies to be miraculously outpictured sets up a cosmic dynamic through your grateful heart for them to be so! Try this spiritual game of living in the Eternal Now, remaining true to and respectful of your Divine Presence, and then waiting upon the Lord for the perfect answer and alchemy to shine forth in all its glory, harmony and beauty.




  • Dear David, This message resonated so much with my heart and my own desire to be a true alchemist and apprentice of Saint Germain. Many vital and lovely keys emanated from this sharing. Thank you so much for for being the vanguard for magical and practical alchemy.
    7/29/2015 3:10:04 AM Reply

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