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Alchemy within the Laboratory of the Heart

Alchemy within the Laboratory of the Heart

David Christopher Lewis

July 31, 2015



            Alchemists are scientists of the spirit who work within the sacred laboratory of the heart using divine elements to co-create new and beautiful offerings to the world. These elements are infused with quintessences of higher consciousness which in turn originate from the virtues of our Creator. Virtues are supernal qualities or aspects of God’s eternal being, which may be drawn forth and embodied within the lives of alchemists through their dharma and service to life.


            At the center of the laboratory of the heart is the altar, the central table upon which we experiment with energy and elements to transmute or change one or more substances into others that will be of use to our civilization. We can engage in preforming seeming miracles when our hearts and motives are pure and our intent is to benefit life within the end result of what we alter.


            Many spiritually-oriented disciples enjoy creating a physical altar or sacred space in their homes where focuses are placed for their use in meditation, visualization and prayer. Portraits or statues of deities, masters or angels, crystals, gemstones, candles, flowers and incense create an atmosphere of reverence and holiness in which we abide during our alchemical time with God.


            Higher initiates maintain an internal flowfield of light within the heart and throughout the aura which is also an invisible altar. One’s entire being is seen and felt to be a temple of light and Superconsciousness where the alchemy of divine love is fulfilled through work. The body temple—earth (physical), water (emotional), air (mental) and fire (spiritual)—is kept clean and free to be utilized by the Holy Spirit as a sanctuary of stillness, a haven of heavenly presence.


            Just as we pause when entering a great cathedral, temple, synagogue or mosque to compose ourselves in reverence and silence, we do the same when we begin any alchemy. A few moments of complete stillness are essential to gather our divine essences and focus on both the purpose and end result of the alchemy we are pursuing. Having been privileged to enter hundreds of churches and temples around the world during my life, I am always amazed at the inner sensations I feel that are reflective of the love and devotion of all those who have used these places for worship and praise of the Almighty.


            Higher alchemy may be performed anywhere. The pristine sanctuary of nature is where I typically experience the most miraculous divine sensations and receive the most inspirational messages from the Voice within. Wherever our heart is, there our altar also abides within the greater laboratory of God’s radiant being—the multidimensional cosmos itself.



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