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Permaculture is the Return to Nature’s Alchemy

Permaculture is the Return to Nature’s Alchemy

David Christopher Lewis

July 28, 2015


When I first heard the term permaculture nearly a decade ago, I was intrigued. Something within me perked up, urging me to take note. I know that when this happens I am usually in for a spiritual treat! Upon researching permaculture online, I found that its principles and precepts completely resonated with my inner being. I had desired since my teenage years to invest my time and resources into a more permanent solution to the growing of fresh, organic food in my own environment, rather than relying upon supermarket foods grown halfway around the world.


Permaculture’s tenets invite us to become involved in nature’s alchemy by utilizing the Creator’s intelligence embedded within the universe. We choose to participate in outpicturing the divine design rather than interfere with its innate wisdom. Our Source has set things up so that we can live authentic and harmonious lives if we are willing to follow this blueprint. Instead of attempting to wrest every possible element or resource from our Mother Earth to our own devices (and ultimate downfall), permaculturists are passionate about planning for the future by studying how the balance of nature may be sustained through conscious practices.


As an example, “permanent agriculture” urges us to plant numerous food-bearing plants in a more cosmopolitan setting where various species interact and cooperate to support one another’s growth and sustainability. We avoid depleting the soil of its fertility over generations through monocropping and using chemical pesticides and herbicides. These aggregate over time to pollute streams and rivers as well as underground aquifers, creating a vicious cycle antithetical to what heaven intended, “as above, so below.”


Planting various fruit and nut trees in the same environment, utilizing rainwater through the use of swales and ponds, recycling waste, and planting vegetables, herbs and flowers in hugelkultur beds create a more dynamic and sustainable garden or farm which will support us through potential weather challenges and climate changes. Nature is truly resilient when allowed to develop as the Great Alchemist intended. Heritage seed saving alone will help us through the current crisis caused by certain agribusinesses which seem bent on the control of how we grow and label our food.


By attuning to nature through permaculture, we can discover the secrets of who we truly are and who we are becoming. Being observant of and responsive to Mother Earth’s miraculous methodologies, we foster alchemy in one of its most sublime and beautiful forms.



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