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The Alchemy of the Rosary

The Alchemy of the Rosary

David Christopher Lewis

August 17, 2015


            I was raised in the Catholic faith and from an early age engaged in the prayer ritual known as the rosary. This consists of a series of prayers given in a specific sequence, often using beads connected with metal, wire or string to form a “rosary.” The prayers include the Sign of the Cross, the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father), the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. A typical rosary consists of giving five decades (series of ten) Hail Mary prayers punctuated before and after by the Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be. The Blessed Mother Mary gave devotees this special alchemical formula to use that invokes divine light for the intercession in our lives here on Earth. There is ample documentation throughout the world of tens of thousands of miraculous healings, mediation or cessation of great local or global conflicts and wars, as well as other special blessings and graces resulting from the giving of the rosary.


            When I was in first or second grade I suffered for many months from tremendous ear aches that caused me to miss school and experience numerous sleepless nights. I recall the pain being so great that I cried for hours on end for some relief. The one time I took an aspirin I immediately experienced extreme nausea, so that was not an option for me. Finally my mother took me to an eye, nose and ear specialist who determined that I had a brain tumor. He told my mother that there was nothing he could do and that within two weeks she would know if the tumor was malignant or not—if I lived it was benign and if it was malignant I would be dead!


            My family (eight children at that time—two would be born later) went into action and began giving the rosary each evening on our knees in our living room. I have a very clear memory of seeing the light from a special vigil candle in a black iron holder that cast interesting shadows upon the ceiling as we prayed. Coincidentally, this occurred at the same time as the Cuban missile crisis that almost touched off a third world war. As it turned out, I lived after those two weeks and my ear aches completely abated. Looking back, I now attribute my recovery to our giving of the rosary and to the Blessed Mother’s intercessory grace on my behalf.


            Having moved on past Catholic rituals, I now embrace a more “catholic” (universal) acceptance of the higher elements of truth within all faiths. This is true for many others, including “heartfriends” in our worldwide virtual spiritual community who give numerous rosaries in which we claim our divine birthright and heritage. We accept that we are created in God’s image and likeness rather than being lowly “sinners”. We affirm that we are “Bodhisattvas of Love” (Golden Buddha Rosary), “Children of Love” (Children’s Golden Buddha Rosary), “Sons and Daughters Divine” (Rosary of Faith, Rosary of Divine Quintessence, Vesta’s Solar Rosary) or “Bodhisattvas Divine” (Kuan Yin’s Rosary of Mercy). Each of these rosaries is an alchemical ritual that invokes and anchors light in our world and within our lives for us to experience a more transcendent state of oneness with the Divine. We invite you to experience the miracle of these Divine rituals with us.




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